Department of Education Studies establishes partnership with McGill University to promote mental health education in Hong Kong

With an aim to advocate the importance of mental health among local practitioners and researchers in the field of Education and Social Science, the Department of Education Studies has recently teamed up with McGill University, one of the most prestigious institutions in Canada, to implement a mental health education programme in Asia. 

The primary goal of this programme is to improve the professional capabilities of staff working in schools or community centres, including social workers, teachers, administrators or counsellors in their handling of their client cases. It emphasizes the use of evidence and research-based insights in offering best practice or alternatives to the clients. A train-the-trainer model is also adopted, in which participants are guided to become leaders who will then train up the staff in their respective organizations upon the completion of the programme.

Academic and Research Visits by International and Mainland Chinese Scholars

Prof. Kimberley Gomez
University of California - Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Prof. Louis Gomez
University of California - Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Faculty Visiting Fellow Scheme, 2019
Smart Society Lecture Series, 2019
Prof. Prue Holmes
Durham University, UK
Prof. Nannette Commander
Georgia State University, USA
HKBU Research Assessment Exercise Consultant Scheme, 2018
Fulbright Scholar Award Scheme, 2018
Dr. SHI Xiaoyu
Yunnan Normal University, China
Prof. Lin Lin
Northern Texas University, USA
Tin Ka Ping Foundation – Hong Kong Baptist University Mainland Chinese Visiting Scholar Scheme, 2018
HKBU Faculty of Social Sciences Residence-in-Scholar Scheme, 2017
Dr. Patrick Lo
University of Tsukuba, Japan
Dr. Joshua Feder
University of California – San Diego, USA
EDUC Research Seminar Series, 2017
EDUC Research Seminar Series, 2017
Prof. Lily Chen-Haftek
University of California – Los Angeles, USA
Prof. David Turner Emeritus
Education at University of Glamorgan, UK
Fulbright Scholar Award Scheme, 2016
HKBU Faculty Scholar-In-Residence Scheme, 2015
Prof. Timothy Teo
University of Macau, Macau
Prof. Shinji Kurihara
Hiroshima University, Japan
EDUC Research Seminar Series, 2015
EDUC Research Seminar Series, 2013, 2015
Prof. Maria G. Bartolini Bussi
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Prof. Arie Cohen
Bar Ilan University, Israel
EDUC Research Seminar Series, 2015
HKBU Faculty Scholar-In-Residence Scheme, 2014